The following is a list of over 50 blogs pertaining to various aspects of my life. You might wonder how do I maintain over 50 blogs. Well it is a labour of love, and I have a great deal of assistance from my partner, and I am interested in a great many subjects. I read alot, but more importantly, I focus my thinking on issues of importance. If you are looking for trite commentary on Britney might be in luck under "Finding Friends"....I just thought she could use one.

  1. Investment Strategy: See The purpose of this blog is to give people a better understanding of investment strategies.
  2. A Speculators Dream: See The purpose of this blog is to outline speculative equities that are likely to perform well in the future. Often I will provide technical guidance on when to buy them, but regardless they are stocks that I have a high regard for.
  3. Blue Chip Equities: See The purpose of this blog is to highlight opportunities in other sectors of the market, but I can't claim any great expertise in these areas, so its worth getting a second opinion.
  4. Commodities Investing: See The purpose of this site is to describe opportunities to invest in commodities, whether through equities, CFDs, options or futures.
  5. Market Commentary: See The purpose of this site is to identify opportunities in individual markets and well as examining the global economic outlook.
  6. Portfolio Management: See The purpose of this blog is to keep a running weekly record of my stocks and their value. Every quarter I will review the return on my portfolio. This blog should be read in conjunction with other blogs.
  7. Forex Trading: See The purpose of this website is to discuss opportunities in Forex markets for trading currencies.
  8. Traders Tutorial: This is a blog where offer some advice on how you can improve your trading. See
  9. Property Market Analysis: See The purpose of this site is to discuss global property markets and opportunities.
  10. Property Investment Strategies: This site offers advice on property acquisition strategies and other useful tips. See
  11. Foreclosed Property: This blog was developed to offer specific advice pertinent to foreclosed property in select markets. See
  12. Strategic Directions: This is where I offer some insights into where societ and certain industries are heading. See
  13. Business Opportunities: See This blog is intended to seek business partners or otherwise provide ideas for others to develop new businesses.
  14. Tools for Living: See The purpose of this blog is to develop ideas pertaining to life management strategies.
  15. Political Rage: See The purpose of this site is to expel my frustration with current political discourse.
  16. New World Philosophy: See The purpose of this blog is to outline various philosophical ideas that I hold in a piecemeal fashion. Often it will be the application of fundamental principles to a specific issue.
  17. Ridiculing Religion: This is where I explain alot of contrdictions inherent in religion. Why to be skeptical. See
  18. Giving Shit: See This is where I engage in some rare comedy or draw your attention to some good stuff sent to me.
  19. Global Media Critique: This blog is used to critique the mass media. See
  20. Understanding Relationships: See The purpose of this blog is to analyse the basis for effective relationships between people, whether personal, business or romantic.
  21. Personal Development: See The purpose of this blog is to highlight the values of people, how those values develop, and the processes that underpin the way they act.
  22. Online Expression: This blog is where I offer advice on how you can improve your online expression. See
  23. Online Dating: This bog offers advice on how to find partners online...not advice on how you can get a root. See
  24. Finding Friends: This blog is used to suggest things you can do to develop meaningful relationships. See
  25. Expatriate Living: Here is a blog for ideas on how to get the most out of your expat living. See
  26. Systems Management: See The purpose of this blog is to discuss systems or system-based solutions, with a focus on commercial, management and software solutions.
  27. Online Marketing: This blog is used to offer advice on online product and service marketing. See
  28. Book Reviews: I use this blog to review or critique the various books I read. See
  29. Understanding Cultures: In this blog I explore my experiences living and dating with other cultures. See
  30. Parenting: See for ideas in better parenting.
  31. Global Travel Advice: See The purpose of this blog is to provide travel advice to people interested in global adventures.
  32. Global Rail Travel: This is whereI offer some travel ideas using rail. See
  33. Asian Holiday Ideas: Ideas for travel in Asia. See and
  34. Campervanning: See The purpose of this site is to discuss the various aspects and opportunities for campervanning around the world, but with a particular focus on Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Philippines.
  35. Rafting Adventures: This blog is about rafting adventure opportunities
  36. Inflatable Canoeing: See The purpose of this site is to discuss adventure sports, with a particular focus on whitewater kayaking & canoeing, campervanning and mountain biking in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
  37. Mountain Biking: See and The purpose of this site is to discuss the various aspects and opportunities for mountain biking around the world, but with a particular focus on Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Philippines.
  38. Great Hiking Trails: See The purpose of this blog is to identify some of the best hiking trails in the world.
  39. Personal Health Issues: See The purpose of this blog is to offer advice on health issues. I am of course no health expert but have had life experiences, and have researched alot of health-related issues. Of course there will be a focus on males.
  40. Published Works: See The purpose of this blog is to post letters , articles and essays that I write outside this site, as well as referring people to any books I publish for sale through Amazon, and other online bookstores. Previously I have written letters in the Japan Times (over 20), Business Week, Newsweek. Most letters submitted are published.
  41. Science & Technology: See This blog identifies any interesting developments in science and technology. Sometimes I'll mention them as purely interesting developments or as a money making opportunities.
  42. Tax Abuse: This blog is used to outline my objections to the taxation system, and things you can do to avoid or minimise it. See
  43. My Curious Girlfriend: This blog will deal with issues and conversations that only a girl would care about. This might just be good for ratings. They say men are the biggest readers of Women's Day...yeh, but only because women leave the shit lying around. See
  44. Citiquing Famous People: There are certain famous people that I want to criique because I find greatness interesting, but seldom the images depicted in documentaries. See
  45. Effective Thinking: This blog discusses the basis for effective thinking. See
  46. Climate Change: As a scientist with a commercial-philosophical-psychological background, I have alot of interest in this issue. I spent alot of time studying paleo-climates at university, so I have some things to say. See
  47. Tabehodai: This is the Japanese word for 'All You Can Eat". Whilst I discourage over-eating or gourging, I see great advantages in taking bargains when offered. See
  48. Nomihodai: This is the Japanese word for 'All You Can Drink". Because you have limited stomach capacity you should never combine nomi-tabehodai. If you do that your just a high-minded impractical pig. See
  49. Creating A Business: This blog offers resources to people who are interested in setting up a business. See
  50. Nutritional Advice: This blog is intended to offer people nutritional advice so you can give a better life. See
  51. Online Marketing: The purpose of this blog is to keep you up to speed on online product marketing. This is a quickly changing industry so there is a need to stay on top changes in the industry if you ar interested in selling products or services on the internet. See,
  52. Strategic Directions: This blog is intended to identify strategic directions in the global market place and technologies. See

The purpose of this portal is to:

  1. Disseminate my ideas to people who have similar interests or values
  2. Reach out to people to better understand their thoughts and circumstances
  3. Have an impact on other people, to go some way towards making this a better world
  4. Help me to better integrate my thoughts through a formal writing process, culminating in more structured writing of books
  5. Help me to eventually sell e-books through the various online bookstores like Amazon.
  6. Gather feedback from people on the value or marketability of the various projects that I undertake

The various blogs accessed through this portal are based around various facets of my life, experiences, skills and studies. Quite apart from the experiences and skills that I bring to the topics that I explore, I think my particular value is my thought process - more specifically my analytical skills. I am a fiercely critical thinker since that has been my job, but really I apply that cognitive process to every aspect of my life. Its a tool that I apply to my thinking as well as to others. I hope it gives you some insights as well.

It will be apparent that the blogs in themselves display certain life values. There is an element of risk and adventure to my interests (which include whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, travelling and living in foreign countries, daytrading stocks and commodities) as well as learning (through scientific and philosophical inquiry). Another important element of the blog content is the systmatic nature of the activities I pursue.

If you are interested in reading these blogs regularly I suggest placing a reminder notice in your MS Outlook, PDA, cell phone or elsewhere. Eventually I will offer email distribution or reminders every week or month. For most of these blogs I only update the original entry (as they only involve adjusting analysis as more is learnt, or as events unfold). Other blogs are a commentary of events, so they read chronologically as a blog should. Either way all content will be date-stamped, so you will know what is new or updated. For my benefit and yours I dont write about mindless, inconsequential dribble. Ideas are important to me and I prescribe to the idea of keeping them goal-orientated, which means useful (applied) and self-supporting. Apart from keeping it relevant, I also want to ensure I use simple (non-technical) terminology to ensure I convey meaningful content. Let me know if I am failing in that task. Apart from the stock tips and market analysis I think you will find alot of the advice offers timeless utility. If you wish to post articles that are consistent with the theme and integrity of the site then I am happy to do so with attribution to you and a link to your website.

The underlying theme of my blogs are LIFE SKILLS AND ESSENTIAL INFORMATION.....essentially it is the tools and information I use to optimise my life, which means keeping healthy, reducing stress, creating manageable challenges, having a diversity of experiences, finding the best relationships, improving self-esteem. The goal is to resolve challenges in each area of life, whether its health, finances, lifestyle, relationships, self-improvement (philosophy & psychology), education or career issues. My preparation extends beyond this site, but my intention is to gradually move more content onto it, since it will be easier to manage.