The SheldonThinks website was established in 2005 by Andrew Sheldon to provide readers with time-critical investment advice.

Since its inception the organisation has expanded into a range of other areas, applying its critical thinking tools to other areas including ethics, system analysis, economics, trading & investing, as well as public policy. www.SheldonThinks.com is a web portal dedicated to the promotion of effective thinking.

Sadly effective thinking methods are not skills that are learned at school or university. Learning how to question is the focal point of SheldonThinks.com, and challenging our minds is the desired goal in everything we do!

SheldonThinks is run by a small team of people dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking and other methods of effective thinking. Through our affiliates program we intend to increase the readers understanding of critical thinking and its capacity to improve personal efficacy, self esteem and understanding.

The organisation focuses on investment advice, however over the years we have expanded our coverage to a broader range of issues. The website provide a framework for thinking which will allow readers to identify their values, as well as improving their capacity to develop strategies for achieving their goals.

This is a lifestyle, life coaching website in a sense. The difference being that life coaches have given up trying to do what they profess to educate people about, whilst we are actively doing these things, and developing strategies for overcoming obstacles as they arise.